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Welcome to Awakening Whole Brain Wisdom Online Programs, where we offer Virtual Coaching & Training, combining cutting edge neuroscience with timeless natural healing protocols and remedies to awaken “Whole Brain Wisdom”.


I’m Darla Meulemans, MA, CADC III, QMHP-C, Owner of Mind Potential Northwest in Portland, Oregon, and I founded Awakening Whole Brain Wisdom Online Programs in response to the increased demand for remote services during the pandemic. With waiting lists growing to 12-18 months for therapy across the US, I wanted to find a way to support women experiencing stress-related mental health symptoms with home-based, effective strategies, during such a time of need.


Online Programs vary in length, from 5 Days to 6 Months and each has the same structure with a neuroscience backed knowledge base, mindset and mental skill development, timeless natural healing protocols, personal inspiration, and high level support & accountability to ensure successful outcomes.

Depending of which program is best for you, you’ll receive some combination of the following components:

  • Pre-recorded lessons, learning modules and topic specific instructional video and/or audio files
  • Worksheets and/or exercises designed to shift patterns & help create new neural pathways
  • Research based Mind-Body tools (NeuroHacks) for restoring emotional balance & clearing roadblocks
  • Live Instruction, Group Coaching, Group Practice with the Reset Remedies, Inspiration and Q & A Sessions
  • Individual Mindset Coaching Sessions
  • Access to our help desk
  • Access to downloadable Bonus Materials
  • Access to our Private Facebook Groups & Alumni Forums
  • An Integration Period with Built in Follow-up to ensure you stay on track
  • Access to a Continuation Program (additional fees apply)

We offer two main programs to support the development of Whole Brain Wisdom:


  • A 5 Day Live Workshop (The Anxious Mind Makeover)
  • 3 – 6 Month Transformational Programs (The Resilience Reset)


“Whole Brain Wisdom” refers to your ability to be operating in your zone of genius, putting your best foot forward. This means tapping into your resilience (your ability to rise above adverse circumstances), using your head and your heart, and being able to navigate the demands of today’s fast paced, chaotic world.


The intention of all our programs is to support you in improving self regulation, building emotional intelligence, and enhancing brain function and performance across various settings. This might look like any of the following:


  • Being calm & stable both mentally and emotionally; 
  • Learning & recovering from adversity, mistakes & setbacks; 
  • Thinking clearly, focusing attention & feeling creative; 
  • Being responsive versus reactive; or
  • Feeling grounded, intuitive and productive.  

Feeling like you can trust yourself no matter what, is important for success personally and professionally.  Getting your brain to do what you want it to, when you want it to is imperative. For some people this translates to better sleep, less emotional turmoil, better focus, more self confidence, better interpersonal relationships, less reliance on “self-medication” or counterproductive coping strategies. 


In sum, our programs will help you master your mind and choose how and when you express emotions AND will give you the ability to positively influence your own feelings, thoughts and physiology no matter what kind of pressure you’re under.


Custom designed online learning experiences may also be requested for individuals and companies. 


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