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Hi, I’m Darla Meulemans, owner & lead practitioner at Mind Potential Northwest, in Portland, Oregon. Up until 2020, I only offered 1:1 Personal Development & Neurofeedback Training to clients from my local community, and occasionally via telehealth consultation. But then the world came to a screeching halt and I knew it was time to pivot.

I needed a way to continue to support my clients while keeping everyone safe from potential exposure to the coronavirus. I had already been contemplating how to extend my reach beyond the Pacific Northwest, but this international crisis pressed me to take action to address the growing need for mental health services across the globe.

I founded Awakening Whole Brain Wisdom Online Programs in July, 2020 and haven’t looked back.  My focus has been on pulling out the gems and key transformational elements from all my years of training, personal and professional development, and mentoring with key leaders and renowned experts in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, attachment, trauma, addiction, nutrition, energy medicine and shamanic healing. 

I knew I needed to offer something powerful & pivotal that went beyond what was available with traditional talk therapy, stress reduction strategies and pharmacological interventions.  Let’s face it, breaking free from the grips of trauma, adversity and chronic stress needs something equally as powerful in the positive opposite direction.

That’s why all of my programs combine cutting edge neuroscience with practical, natural remedies and the timeless wisdom of the ages. This allows my clients to move beyond emotional overload to finding resolve from their painful pasts, and learning strategies that actually change the way their brain is wired.

Want to know why I’m so passionate about assisting clients in shifting their lives in the direction of optimal health, vitality, meaning and fulfillment on all levels — Mind, Body and Spirit?

Because I’ve walked a day in those shoes of feeling like my brain had a mind of its own. I pretty much lived in emergency mode – – struggling to manage stress, feeling overwhelmed & “too sensitive”. I cried daily, was at the mercy of my negative thoughts & unpredictable moods. I was reactive, indecisive, & incredibly insecure.

Then, everything changed when my college mentor shared some principles with me that helped me better understand myself. This understanding paved the way for me to experience a more stable state of mind, which inspired me to pursue a MA in Counseling Psychology (plus several certifications) so I could help others realize their full potential.

I’m excited to offer some of the most practical, at home strategies to you, so you can build your own roadmap to sustainable mental and emotional health. I look forward to you joining my other clients in healing from a painful past, getting the brain and body aligned with your intentions, and taking action as you create the life you’ve always wanted.